High-density Security Storage

By Denny Aingworth on 2013-05-21 15:51:16 -

Many facilities have secure storage for their tenants, employees, military personnel & equipment, and law enforcement to name a few. The time may come when the floorspace originally allocated is maxed out. WHAT THEN?? One form of high-density storage is mobile shelving, aka: mobile-aise, compacting storage. This type of equipment utilizes carriages with wheels underneath that roll on steel tracks which are placed on the existing floor. With this design the open aisle changes as the carriages are rolled to the left or right. In the highest density scenario, there would only be one aisle designed into the system. Depending on the overall size an increased capacity approaching 90-100% could be acheived. If more access is needed then more aisleways can be added to the design. And finally, the last step is to mount the existing lockable caging to the top of the carriages. Size doesn't matter as the carriages can be designed to virtually any size. As an added feature, the individual rows of cages can also be locked if need be.

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