Delta Airlines Case Study

By Etherton Jacque on 2013-03-08 14:50:09 -

Corporate Headquarters: Delta Airlines was running out of space in their central filing department. They needed a way to secure files and store more in the same amount of space. Integrating mixed media into the storage system was an important goal.

Challenge: Delta Airline's Central Filing Department had lateral files that were functional, but just not doing the job. The staff needed an efficient and versatile storage system with greater capacity. However, in an effort to save money, it was mandatory that their top tab filing system be retained without conversion to another filing style.

Solution: Times-2 Speed Files in a 7-Teir height were recommended and Delta Airlines agreed that this was the perfect solution.

Fifty Times-2 units replaced the old-style lateral system. The new locking, double-sided units increased storage. In fact, each 7-Tier Times-2 replaced the equivalent of 3.28 lateral files in much less space. Top tab filing was no problem either; the units were accessorized with drawers to accommodate this filing style. Binders and mixed media were stored in the unit's top shelves as reflected in the photo. Delta Airlines gained security for their confidential files, too --with one spin an open Times-2 closes and locks.

Delta's requirements to increase storage, save office space, improve efficiency, and tighten security were met with the versatile Times-2 Speed Files.